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We are a relatively young brand in the centuries-long history of Cognac; the very first Soerlie Cognac was born in 2006, but is today already one of the leading Cognac brands in the Nordic markets. We are proud of having dared to make our own path in the otherwise traditional Cognac trade.

We believe our success has its base in our modern approach to making Cognac for the end consumer.
Soerlie, the founder’s name, is of Norwegian origin, and thanks to these particular roots, we have definitely a different approach, alike the ones one also find in Scandinavian design and lifestyle. This approach, combined with a personal passion for cognac and culture, made us want to offer a different experience in both packaging as well as the taste of our cognacs.

« Passioned by our work and proud of our roots, Soerlie Cognac is a great blend of who we are and what we wish to share with our customers. »

Our cognacs are produced with full respect of the traditional process of production. The grapes are selected through confident partnerships with family-owned vineyards and the eaux-de-vie are obtained through the traditional Charentais Pot still.
Our range offers a wide choice of origins from the different crus, as well as in terms of finishing, however always aiming for the products to be approachable and easy to enjoy.

We were one of the first in our home markets to offer cognac distilled from 100% organic grapes and we love this idea of being on the lookout for new opportunities to share with the consumers. This perpetual search of offering new experiences is also revealed through our packaging which are pure and minimalist. We are also continuously seeking to develop new products that may offer new ways for Cognac consumption and exploration. Nevertheless, our innovations always express our respect for our partnerships with nature.


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