Cognac produced with vision

The Cognac connoisseurs of today and their way of consumption are different than before. As generations change, new explorers of Cognac have new preferences.

At Soerlie Cognac, our aim is to think new and to create a crossing between the fine Cognac-producing traditions and the preferences of the consumer of the 21st Century, both in terms of taste of the product, as well as its presentation.

Whilst striving to make the most likeable blends and highest quality for the value to the consumer, we also pay special attention to the design in order to make a contemporary presentation for the sophisticated consumer. We make Cognac for the modern connoisseurs of today.

Soerlie Cognac XO


Cognac is obtained by the distillation of white wines harvested in the Controlled Appellation area. These wines have a high acidity and a low alcohol content. The distillation of the wine must be carried out latest by the 31st of March of the year following the harvest.